Inking October 2021

When October came around I asked my friend Jason Harlow if I should do video games  or super heroes for Inktober 2021. He said super heroes so here we are.

Now to remove all friction from the process I just grabbed some small sketch books I had kicking around. One was ruled and the other was grid. I would alternate drawing a super hero or villain depending on the day.

There were two rules, number one the drawing had to be interesting and number two the power had to be something I would like to see. Now the problem is what I like to draw is not necessarily a power that I would think is cool. That’s how we end with characters who looks like they would have spirit powers but the power I mention is that they can introduce you to a lifetime friend. So with that said, there are typos. I couldn’t be bothered to slow down to spell check, sorry. Inktober is fast and furious.