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Oh My God!

“Oh My God!” is the title of a children’s book I’ve been working on this book on and off since 2015 or so. Sometimes I worked on it daily sometimes very sparsely with months of no progress. As it is slowly coming together I am starting to look for a publisher or looking at critique groups for feedback. If you are curious about the story a virtual book dummy is available on this very site.

The project it self has been challenging but these challenges are also what make the work that much more rewarding. The first challenge is the story’s subject. This book tells the story about a young boy who starts to wonder about religion in an honest and personal way. At some point I realized I could easily find stories about religion A or religion B but finding one about just acknowledging the variety that we encounter was rare, although I did come across a few “encyclopedia” styled books for kids. These encyclopedic styled books on religion are good but they are also dry as they sound.

The second challenge is that the art is 100% watercolor, no computer. Any mistakes are in there for good. I have put together a behind the scenes page that provides a few examples of how page art comes together.

Thank you for visiting and keep an eye out for updates.