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Iron Horse Ghosts  – 26 Pages, Black and White, $8. Set against a wild west backdrop, the story features a town is in danger of being wiped out by a gang of robbers. The narrative is depicted using anthropomorphic characters make tribute to other comics like Usagi Yoyimbo, Rat Bastard and Bucky O’Hare. This edition also features 5 additional pages of sketches.



Mustang Hops Hobo Detective –40 Pages, Black and White, $8. It usually starts out with something like… “S’cuse me, can you spare fifty cents?” No matter what they say next you will never be too sure what the money is for. What if he was telling the truth?




Monstrosity: Short Giant Monster Stories – 40 pages, black and white,  $10. Monstrosity is a collection of 4 short stories on the subject of giant monsters. Each story covers a theme be it horror, humor, science fiction or action.



Philo and Sophy – By Joseph Ulrich and Robyn Diaz. Philo and Sophy are two children with the yearning to answer life’s biggest questions (color). Ebook $6.49 Paperback $13.60